More Murano for less (Nissan Murano 2005-present day)

Nissan’s Murano soft-roader offers plenty of bang for your buck

Nissan’s Murano soft-roader offers plenty of bang for your buck

Iain Dooley checks out Nissan’s luxury ‘soft-roader’ the Murano

ENGINES – Unless you’ve got the cash for a new one, older Murano’s are petrol-only. Originally launched with a 3.5-litre motor, progress is smooth and refined although don’t expect Prius-levels of fuel economy.

EXTERIOR – Sharing nothing in design terms with its more European-centric fellow models, the Murano’s glitzy appearance is very much in keeping with its North American influenced styling.

INTERIOR – Micra owners will be all at sea in the Murano, as the big SUV looks and feels very different to lesser Nissans. Plush upholstery and high-class trim abound, while cabin space is ample for a growing family.

DRIVING – Nissan readily admits that the Murano was never designed to be a full-on 4×4. A luxury ‘soft-roader’ in the same mould as the likes of BMW’s X5, the big Nissan offers a plush ride and plenty of refinement. The car’s petrol motor is smooth, responsive and powerful.

OWNERSHIP – Assuming you have the space for this oversize crossover model, the Murano is very easy to live with. Straightforward to drive, cossetting in the extreme and boasting plenty of space, the car’s modest asking price should offset its executive level running costs.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR – A rare beast at the best of times, make sure the one you see is free from parking dents and comes with a comprehensive service history. Jam-packed with toys, make sure everything works and the car is mechanically sound on the test drive.

2005: Nissan launches high value premium crossover, the Murano. Deigned to rival the likes of BMW’s X5 but priced to undercut the opposition, Nissan offered the car with a high level of standard equipment. At launch only 3.5-litre petrol engine offered. 2010 saw inclusion of diesel variant.

REASONS TO BUY – rarity value, bang for buck angle, refinement, asking price.

REASONS TO BEWARE – thirsty petrol engine, not a mainstream premium car, not many to choose from.

PICK OF THE RANGE – Murano 3.5 V6 5dr CVT.

2005 05 10,245
2005 55 10,885
2006 06 12,330
2006 56 12,780
2007 07 14,480
2007 57 15,055

Figures relate to showroom prices for cars in A1 condition.

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