Isle of Man-ners makes driving a pleasure

Call me old-fashioned but when someone does you a favour you say ‘thank you’. Unfortunately, all too often good manners seem to go out of the car window when we get behind the wheel.

In the cut and thrust of getting from A to B as quickly as possible it is all   too easy to show complete disrespect and disregard for other drivers.

But my faith in my fellow motorist has been given a major boost after visiting the Isle of Man for a few days.

What a breath of fresh air the islanders’ attitude to driving is – so polite   and never pushy.

Like many of our country roads, theirs are also narrow with tight corners, but driving on them is an absolute delight with people willingly giving way to each other and, having been helped on their way, readily waving a hand and actually mouthing ‘thanks’.

It makes the traffic flow so much easier and the driving much less stressful.

In fact in four days of driving on the Isle of Man the only time I heard a car hoot was to attract the attention of a pedestrian to give them a friendly wave.

This is a driving lesson we could all learn from.

Andy Russell: Motoring Editor of Archant Anglia.

Twitter: @andyrussellauto

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