Stop driving me crazy Stop/Start

Stop driving me crazy Stop/StartObviously one of my biggest bugbears as a motorist is paying an arm and a leg for petrol – mainly because I need both of those to drive! And if I didn’t laugh about it, yes I really would cry.

There’s something else though that’s been bugging me recently and that’s Stop/Start systems, which is ironic really because it’s exactly the sort of thing that should help me avoid popping to the pumps.

I know I can’t have it both ways and I’m all for manufacturers inventing different ways for cars to use fuel more efficiently but I really can’t get into the swing of Stop/Start.

That’s because unlike a swing it is not something that has great fluency and it really does take away the joy of a smooth ride.

I don’t like the way it interrupts my driving like a bad case of hiccups every time it Start/Stops.

This irritating function automatically switches off the engine when the car is stopped, even when you’re still for just a second.

Frankly, I’m fed up with the engine cutting out every time I pull in for a moment just to let the number 45 cruise by, or while I wait for some teenagers to zip across a zebra crossing on their BMXs.

Every time you come to a standstill it feels like the car stalls and then there’s a slight lag while the engine restarts.

I know this system is only trying to help reduce fuel consumption and emissions and I know the cars are perfectly adapted for this kind of technology but I can’t help but wonder about how much power it must take to keep restarting the engine umpteen times a day.

As a keen driver I want to feel involved, I want to control the car and choose when it starts and stops thank you very much – so please give me the power back!

You can actually turn this feature off but even this joy is short lived because you have to constantly remember to turn this function off at the start of every new journey.

As the car world rapidly adopts a shade of green, Stop/Start will probably become standard on most cars within a few years so I guess it is something that I will just have to learn to live with.


By Gemma Senington

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