Surprise! ‘That will be the new motor car I brought you’

Joyce Taylor talks to drive24 about her ‘surprise gift’ in the form of a Wedgewood blue Ford Popular.

One evening I was sitting at home with my mother eating tea, when I heard a car coming through the village. In those days seeing a car was such a rarity, so I rushed to the window to take a look. Next thing I knew the car was being parked in my driveway! My mother looked up and said ‘that will be the motor car I got for you’ then went back to eating her food.

I had passed my test a year earlier, but never expected to have a car of my own. I only knew about three people who did and they were all male. It was such a luxury but my mother had decided she would get me one.

The car was brand new and cost around £400 including a full tax, it would set me back just under £1 to fill it with petrol. It had no heater, or anything you would find in a modern vehicle but to us it was the ultimate extravagance.

One day my fiancé and I drove the car to London where we parked it outside Madame Taussauds, only when we came out it had gone! Luckily the police found it the next day, but our coats, my radio and more importantly our lunches had been stolen. I had the car just over three years until we upgraded it for a different model. It only went about 40 miles an hour, but in those days that was a feat.

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