Teacher’s car amused Bentley ‘boys’

Michael Chapman's 1925 BentleyI purchased my first car in 1958 from D Marguiles Ltd in London for the sum of £385.

It was a 1925 Bentley, VDP body, short chassis and a three-litre engine with ‘A’ gearbox. It also had a hood and side screens.

At this time I was teaching in Essex and the students were much amused at ‘Sir’ arriving in his ‘old car’.

I wonder where it is now? I have thought of trying to find out through the Bentley Owners’ Club.

I kept the Bentley for five or six years but after getting married it was impractical, so unfortunately I had to sell it.

It was expensive to run and I remember, when I was teaching, pulling into a garage and, not having much money on me, saying to the guy “Half a gallon” and he said “Where are you going? Scotland?”

Michael Chapman, South Creake, near Fakenham.

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