First car is music to my ears!


Bob Simmons's wife Brenda and daughters Jay and Kay with their Ford Prefect.

My name is Bob Simmons and I live in Robe, South Australia and this is my My First Car story brought about by seeing a cutting from the EDP drive24 motoring supplement sent to me by my brother John.

On the cutting he wrote that he believed that I know Harold Plumbly, the man whose first car, ‘Ruby’, was featured – and indeed I do.

I bought from Harold my first piano accordion a – 48 Bass Hohner – back in, I believe, 1948.

Harold and I would travel by bus from Little Plumstead to the other side of Norwich for music lessons with a Gerald Narbaro who I believe lived in Aylsham Road.

Whenever I pick up my present accordion to play I often think back to those early days when I first started learning with my acquisition of Harold’s accordion – I wonder if he remembers those days and if he still plays the accordion.

The photo of my first car was taken on one of our many trips around Norfolk. It shows my wife Brenda and daughters Jay and Kay with our Ford Prefect bought back in 1965 when we lived at Thorpe, near Norwich, before moving to Bradwell, near Yarmouth.

Harold Plumbly's My First Car story which inspired Bob to get in touch.

I can’t recall how much it cost or, for that matter, the year of manufacture but it served us very well apart from one breakdown on the Acle road. with a broken tail shaft.

Here in Australia we run a six-cylinder Holden Commodore bought new in 1991 which has 408,000 kilometres on the clock and is heading to 500,000 in a about three years.

It’s become part of the family and I feel very reluctant to part with it as it is such a reliable car.

Bob Simmons, Robe, near Adelaide, South Australia.

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