First and last for one lady owner

1936 Austin 10 four-door Litchfield.

Here’s a my first car taletale with an interesting twist from Brian Johnson.

This story is about a first and last car for the same owner.

In 1968 a letter arrived on my desk at St John’s Motors in Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth, from a Miss Worledge saying that her father had bought her her first car from our dealership.

She wanted to know if we would buy the car back as she intended to finish motoring when her insurance was due in a few months.

She did not say what make of car it was but I acknowledged the letter and said I would be delighted to buy it back.

A few months later I received a letter from Miss Worledge saying that she was ready to dispose of the car. I arranged to go to Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire to collect it and enlisted the help of David Leighton, a well-known motor trader in Yarmouth, who had a trailer.

We were given an excellent lunch and then Miss Worledge had someone bring the car to the house.

Still not knowing what to expect, I was delighted to find myself looking at a 1936 Austin 10 four-door Litchfield in pristine condition and showing 60,000 miles on the clock.

I asked how much she would want for the car. She replied by asking if I would pay her how much her father had paid for the car in 1936 which was £195. I said certainly I would and put £50 on the price making a total of £245.

We put it on the trailer and brought it back to Yarmouth. I kept the car for three years but, due to lack of space, I sold it to a Mr Moss who collected Austin 10s.

Brian Johnson, Yarmouth Road, Blofield.

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