New small Vauxhall to be called ‘Adam’

2012 Vauxhall AdamVauxhall’s new supermini is to be called Adam, but will not be officially unveiled to the world until September’s Paris Motor Show.

The new small car was officially named in a quirky cartoon-style press release today. It aims to be a ‘blank canvas’ that will allow buyers to customise it to their own exact desire, while hoping to offer something for everyone in its basic design.

Vauxhall states that buyers will be able to customise their Adams more than any other car – a bold claim with the likes of the Mini and the Fiat 500 as potential sales rivals.

Choosing ‘Adam’ breaks the long-held rule at Vauxhall that all their car names needed to end with an ‘a’. The company claims that the Adam is so different to Vauxhall’s cars that have gone before that the previous naming conventions should not apply.

As the car is still undergoing engineering testing it’s heavily disguised with a body wrap and additional false bodywork around many areas to keep as much of the car’s look as possible a secret.

Although its official unveiling has been mooted for the Paris Motor Show in September, it’s expected that many more details will emerge before then.

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