Drivers Not Feeling The Love From Government

motorwayA new survey has revealed that just 12% of people think the Government backs motorists. A total of 1,013 adults were asked if they felt the Government was for or against the motorist in a survey by breakdown company Autonational Rescue.

Only 12% said the Government was for the motorist, with 46% reckoning the Government was against, and 38% believing ministers were neither for nor against.

Most recently, former transport secretary Philip Hammond had declared an end to the “war on motorists” when the coalition took power in May 2010. But road users have since been subject to record-high petrol prices and increasing motoring taxes.

The survey also found that 77% believed all male and female motorists should pay the same car insurance rates. A total of 45% said gender should be ignored altogether and a new system of insurance introduced based purely on age and driving experience.

A European Court of Justice ruling early in 2011 said that insurers should not be able to base premiums simply on gender.

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