Revealed: best and worst cars for potholes

potholeHonda cars are the most resilient to damage caused by potholes, according to new research released today, and could save owners hundreds of pounds a year.

The data, compiled by the Warranty Direct-owned website, analysed around 150,000 policies over three years and found that Hondas are the least likely cars to sustain axle or suspension damage, with only 1.4% of cars being so badly affected.

The worst performers were Chrysler, Mercedes and, surprisingly, Land Rover, each with more than 10% of their cars per year suffering significant damage after hitting a pothole.

With many roads not properly repaired since the last two winters, both among the harshest in memory, many streets are set to degrade into their worst state of repair for decades.

Owning a car that is more likely to escape expensive repair bills after hitting a pothole could save drivers a small fortune. The average cost of such a repair is £309, according to Warranty Direct, but claims have reached as high as £2,420.

The next-best performing brands after Honda were Toyota, with 1.5%, and Hyundai, with 1.7%.

Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct, said: “With last year’s road damage barely dealt with, a repeat of those harsh winter weather conditions could see our highways deteriorate to the worst state they’ve been in for a generation.”

“We’ve found some cars have an uncanny ability to absorb the jolts from even the most severe road craters, while others aren’t so resilient.

“Particularly surprising is that high-end manufacturers are just as vulnerable, if not more so, than ‘value’ manufacturers. However, we wouldn’t lambast those at the bottom of the pile because the roads are just so bad.”

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