Honda EV-STER (Concept)

Honda EV-STER Concept (Tokyo Motor Show)NAME: Honda EV-STER (Electric Vehicle Roadster)

DEBUT: 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

APPEARANCE: This is a perfect concept. It’s the kind of thing Buck Rogers would drive if he had the choice. Futuristic blue strips of light outline the light clusters and give the whole car attitude. The big, obvious ‘tick’ line along the side makes it look as rapid as you like, even though in reality it’s not that quick. Rear visibility probably isn’t the best, but to drive around in something this stunning it’s a price worth paying. After all, it doesn’t stop people buying Lamborghinis…

PREDICTION: It’s low, it’s rear-wheel-drive, it’s convertible, it looks amazing – it’s everything car lovers really want electric cars to be. But despite extensive use of carbon fibre to reduce weight, it only has a projected range of 100 miles. And it’s probably going to be a while before twin handgrips replace steering wheels. All in all, this one will probably be consigned to a warehouse somewhere, which is a shame.

RATING: 10/10

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