Fry lends his voice to TomTom

Stephen FryOwners of TomTom sat-navs can now choose yet another celebrity to give them directions, because intellectuals’ favourite Stephen Fry has been added to the company’s downloadable selection of famous voices.

In a recent poll, QI presenter Fry was voted the person motorists would most like to give a lift to, and now they can courtesy of a TomTom navigation unit.

Forget the old and faithful Tom and Jane; they’re SO last decade. As well as Stephen Fry you can also have Han Solo from Star Wars, Jeremy Clarkson or even Dora the Explorer pointing the route out in their own unique ways. One for the kids, that last one.

Among the prolific tweeter’s Fry-isms are: “So, let’s see now, after 300 yards turn left then go straight on. This is going awfully well isn’t it?”

Another pearl of wisdom in the databank is: “At the end of the road, take the ferry. Oh let’s take the ferry! Oh please, please, I love ferries. I hope you don’t get seasick. I don’t. I love them! Ferry much.”

To give your sat-nav a little more personality this Christmas, all of the 99 voices can be downloaded now via TomTom’s website, priced at £7.95.

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