UK sitting on ‘tarmac time bomb’, claims recovery firm

Breakdown service Autonational Rescue has warned the government that the UK is sitting on a ‘time bomb of tatty tarmac’ if it doesn’t do more to fix the country’s broken roads.

The company called the ‘cheap and cheerful’ repair work carried out by many local authorities up and down the country ‘wholly inadequate’, and warned of worse conditions to come.

A spokesman for Autonational said: “Britain’s roads haven’t really recovered from the damage done to them by several bad weather spells of recent winters, and dangerous potholes are abound in our towns and cities. But because we’re still living in times of austerity, many local authorities responsible for maintaining our road infrastructure say they are grossly under-funded and are effectively turning a blind eye to the problem.”

Autonational have recommended massive investment in the road network, calling it essential to the country in general. “The roads network is one of the most important assets we have,” he said. “We must undertake wholesale road repairs now and for the next few years and view it as a job-creating investment in Britain’s future.”

A recent report from the Asphalt Industry Alliance stated that £10.65 billion was now needed to properly repair the road networks in England and Wales alone.

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