Japanese cars top reliability table

The most reliable second-hand cars are those made in Japan and Korea, according to a new survey.

But although European cars are more prone to faults, the cost of repairing them is cheaper, the survey by What Car? magazine and warranty company Warranty Direct found.

Honda topped the most reliable used car table, which was based on the number of faults occurring in a year for cars between three and eight years of age. Toyota was the second most reliable second-hand car, followed by Suzuki, Lexus, Mitsubishi and Mazda. According to the survey, there was only a 9% chance of a Honda having a fault in 12 months.

In contrast, there was a 55% chance of a fault in a Land Rover, which was 35th, and bottom, in the reliability table. At the foot of the table were Saab, (in 32nd place), Renault (33rd) and Alfa Romeo (34th).

However, Renault was one of the cheapest cars to repair, with average repair costs of £242.22. Only Fiat (£241.63) had cheaper repair costs. In contrast, Porsche (£689.99) had the highest average repair costs, with Mazda in second place at £462.58.

What Car? editor Chas Hallett said: “This year’s study is a stark reminder of the disparity in reliability between Far Eastern brands, which dominate the top 10, and European brands, which contribute the bulk of the bottom 10.”

These were the most reliable used cars in terms of the chances of faults in 12 months:

1. Honda
2. Toyota
3. Suzuki
4. Lexus
5. Mitsubishi
6. Mazda
7. Subaru
8. Hyundai
9. Kia
10. Nissan

These were the least reliable, with Land Rover at the bottom of the table:

26. Audi
27. Vauxhall
28. Mercedes-Benz
29. MG
30. Chrysler
31. Jeep
32. Saab
33. Renault
34. Alfa Romeo
35. Land Rover

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