Woman’s ‘miracle’ car blast escape

A woman hurt when a car exploded in a supermarket car park has said that it was a miracle she survived.

Roseanne Armstrong, 38, had lit a cigarette after filling her new car up at a petrol station when the explosion knocked her onto the ground.

She was taken to Wishaw General Hospital and left with burns. Rosanne said: “I was on the phone to my mum for a little bit, then just lit a cigarette, and that’s all I can remember. The next thing I woke up on the carpark floor.

Her face and arms were burned and she was left with no eyebrows or eyelashes.

The car exploded shortly after 9pm on Sunday night in the car park of Tesco Extra in Wishaw’s Belhaven Road.

A police investigation into the cause of the explosion in under way, but it is understood that it is not thought to be suspicious or criminal.

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