Totally Batty

Batman and BatmobileEvery man’s boyhood dream came to life when a Formula One-inspired Batmobile was unveiled ahead of a new Batman stage show.

The legendary superhero and his trusty sidekick Robin are making their theatre debut this summer in an all-action extravaganza.

The Batman Live World Arena Tour features daredevil stunts, stage flight, circus acrobatics and spectacular illusions.

As finishing touches were being carried out at the west London warehouse where rehearsals have been taking place, the outside world was given its first glimpse of the Batmobile, which has been created by Formula One car designer Professor Gordon Murray.

Speaking at the media launch, Prof Murray said he was influenced by the comic books he read as a child as well as by real racing cars when designing the Batmobile, and had “let the fantasy loose”.

He said: “I drew really on my early memories of Batman comics from when I was a kid but also Formula One technology.

“From a materials point of view and an aerodynamic shape it’s pretty real, or could be real in, say, 20 years time. So it’s based on reality.

“But a lot of the systems on the car, the virtual wheels, and the hydrogen fuel cell and stuff is a little bit of fantasy you know, looking towards the future.”

Prof Murray said he was given full rein on designing the car with only a little guidance from the show’s production team.

The slick silver vehicle is made from a new type of carbon fibre he has designed and moves on virtual wheels.

He explained that the flashing LED lights on the wheels give the Batmobile motion and a sense of life on stage.

He added: “It has ground effect aerodynamics just like a Formula One car so it could suck itself down.

“If that was a real car on the road it cold suck itself down on to the road, or even suck itself to the ceiling if it was travelling at 100mph, with the amount of downforce it makes.”

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