Speed camera data to be published

Information about the number of accidents, casualties and prosecutions relating to speed cameras in England will be published for the first time.

Figures which show if more crashes took place before or after cameras were installed will be available on the internet, as well as data showing how many drivers were taken to court, sent on a speed awareness course or given a fine after being caught speeding.

Road Safety minister Mike Penning said: “We want to improve accountability and make sure that the public are able to make informed judgments about the decisions made on their behalf.

“So if taxpayers’ money is being spent on speed cameras then it is right that information about their effectiveness is available to the public.

“That is why we want full details of accidents and casualties at camera sites, along with the number of offences arising from each camera, to be easily accessible.

“This will help to show what impact cameras are having on road safety and also how the police are dealing with offenders.”

The Department for Transport will provide links to localised websites where the information will be published from July 20

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