Hot Wheels to make record-breaking car jump

Hot Wheels Indy 500 stuntToy company Hot Wheels are set to recreate one of their classic games in real life – and set a world record in the process.

On May 29th a mystery stunt driver will attempt to break the world record for a four-wheeled vehicle jump of 302ft. The custom-built 850bhp truck will start at the top of a 100ft high ramp, modelled to look like a bedroom door, and descend at over 90mph before hitting the take-off point.

The whole jump is a scale version of the Hot Wheels V-Drop set, where the ramp is clamped to a door to provide a high-speed decent towards the flying finish.

The stunt will take place live at the iconic Indianapolis 500. For a look at the ramp and the mystery driver practicing, visit

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