Electric superbike is fastest yet

SWIGZ electric superbike makes historyProving that electric vehicles don’t have to be slow and boring the SWIGZ Pro Racing Electric Motorcycle has just added ‘world’s fastest’ to its growing list of achievements.

It made a top speed of 190.6mph in an incredible standing start, one-mile run at the ‘Mojave Mile Shootout’ event in the California desert. The speed trial competition is based on achieving the highest possible trap speed in one mile from a standing start. The previous top speeds achieved by electric motorcycles at various events are in the 170mph range.

Rider and team owner Chip Yates directed his team to have a go at determining the one-mile top speed of the 240 horsepower electric superbike.

In the two weeks leading up to the event the SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing team made a number of changes to enhance the top speed of the superbike which was designed for closed circuit road racing – not land speed style events. The changes included a supplemental booster battery pack of six lithium-ion polymer cells to ensure maximum power availability.

Despite the good news Yates was unsatisfied with the 190.6mph result and said: “Unfortunately I was unable to go full throttle for the whole one mile run due to a high speed buffeting that caused some weaving of the bike similar to what slowed us a bit at Auto Club Speedway in January and February.”

“I’m disappointed about not reaching 200 MPH but I know we can do it next time and for now I have to be happy with establishing our superbike as the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. This run should go a long way towards our goal of demonstrating that electric vehicles can lay down extreme performance and compete directly against gasoline powered vehicles if properly designed and executed,” added Yates.

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