Beating the congestion charge

2010 Nissan LeafMotorists can now dodge the £12 per day congestion charge in central London with a choice of over 200 eco-friendly cars.

These city runabouts qualify for a 100 per cent discount from charge under the Greener Vehicle Discount scheme. To be exempt from the London Congestion Charge cars must be Euro 5 compliant and produce less than or equal to 100g/km of CO2. Owners then sign up with Transport for London and pay an annual £10 fee to take advantage of the Greener Vehicle Discount.

In response to demand from city clients leading contract hire and leasing provider AFL have published details on their website: The list includes vehicles from Toyota, Peugeot, Mitsubishi, Ford, Lexus, Tesla, Nissan, Citroen, Smart, Seat, Audi and Mini.

Commenting on the list, AFL Director Paul Fagan says: “The manufacturers have really responded to the challenge of producing sub 100g/km cars as our list shows. Previously the choice of Congestion Charge exempt cars was very limited but now drivers can choose between family cars like the Seat Leon and Ford Focus, super compact city cars like the Toyota IQ and even high end sport cars such as the Tesla Roadster.”

Examples of cars which qualify for the Greener Vehicle Discount scheme include:

Smart ForTwo Coupe
Toyota IQ Hatchback
Mini Cooper Hatchback
Seat Leon Hatchback
Audi A1 Hatchback
Toyota Prius
Toyota Auris
VW Polo
Nissan Leaf
Mitsubishi iMiEV
Citroen C-Zero
Peugeot ION
Lexus CT Hatchback
Volkswagen Golf
Tesla Roadster

Full details and lease costs for the qualifying cars can be found at

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