Order book open for radical Porsche 918

Order book open for radical Porsche 918Following its show-stopping debut at Geneva in 2010, Porsche has confirmed final details of the limited edition 918 Spyder.

Using a combination of a powerful V8 petrol engine and twin electric motors the 918 Spyder offers a combined power output of over 700bhp, with drive taken to all four wheels. The lightweight lithium-ion cell pack can be recharged through a mains supply as well as regenerative braking for increased range.

The remarkable efficiency of the powertrain has resulted in a claimed fuel consumption figure of 94mpg combined, with an equally-remarkable emissions figure of just 70g/km. Despite this it is nothing short of a true Porsche, with a top speed of over 199mph and 0-62mph takes only 3.2 seconds.

The combination of performance and economy comes at a cost however: limited to 918 examples, the 918 Spyder is available to order at 645,000 Euros plus VAT and on the road costs. First deliveries will begin in November 2013.

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