Diesel values increasing price premium

The latest price data from BCA shows that diesel cars continue to enjoy a substantial price premium over petrol models, despite the fact that diesel cars are sold at a higher average mileage.

The premium narrowed at the start of 2009 but has widened again in recent months and in January 2011 was as wide as it ever has been at over £1,600.

Tony Gannon, BCA Communications Director commented “There can be little argument that the average price of a diesel car always outperforms that of a similar average petrol model. Research from BCA’s Pulse report on high volume ex-fleet and lease cars shows there is a clear and significant difference in average value at remarketing time – as much as £1,616 in January 2011 – equivalent to a 32.3% variance or nearly a third more on average.”

Gannon added “While diesel values are much higher, the BCA price trends always move in tandem and there are no instances of petrol values falling while diesel values are rising, for example. However, there are several instances where diesel values at BCA have climbed significantly more sharply than petrol values, as demonstrated in January of this year.”

January 2011 saw average values for petrol models climb from £4,712 to £5,208, a £316 or 6.7% rise. However, diesel models leapt from £5,883 to £6,654 in the same period, a £771 increase that was equivalent to 13.1% – nearly double the increase enjoyed by petrol cars in relative terms.

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