McLaren confirms final details of supercar

With production examples now being produced at its Technology Centre in Woking, McLaren has confirmed the final specification details of its MP4-12C supercar – only the second road car to be produced by the company known for its successes in Formula 1.

Unlike many of its rivals the MP4-12C uses a carbonfibre chassis, usually the reserve of ultra-expensive hypercars, and in doing so keeps overall weight down to an impressive 1434kg – about the same as a compact saloon.

The powerplant is a bespoke 3.8-litre petrol V8 fitted with twin turbochargers to deliver 592bhp as well as 443lb.ft of torque. Channelled through a seven-speed dual clutch transmission with high-tech electronic aids to deliver maximum performance, it is capable of remarkable performance.

With the optional high-spec Corsa tyre option the MP4-12C can reach 62mph from rest in a remarkable 3.1 seconds and 124mph in 8.9 seconds. Top speed is 205mph and the braking performance, with or without the optional carbon braking system is equally impressive – 124mph to 0mph can be achieved in just 403ft. Despite the mamouth performance it is still capable of 24.2mpg combined and C02 emissions of 279g/km.

There are a host of clever technologies beneath the skin to maximise the performance too, including hydraulic suspension designed to eliminate roll, an airbrake for better deceleration and a Brake Steer system which reduces understeer.

The McLaren MP4-12C goes on sale in late Spring, with a base price of £168,500.

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