DVLA reminds motorists to ensure vehicle insurance is up to date under new law

The DVLA in conjunction with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) are reminding drivers that a new law to be rolled out in late Spring will mean that they must keep their vehicle insured unless they have notified the DVLA that is it is being kept off the road.

From early 2011 the registered motorists must keep their vehicles insured unless they have made a Statutory Off Road Notification.

Information about the new law is being distributed with all V11 tax renewal forms from March in addition to the guidance and video available now on Direct.gov.

So what will happen if your vehicle doesn’t have insurance? Under the new system if a vehicle does not have insurance its keeper could receive a fixed penalty of £100 and have their vehicle seized or destroyed. Motorists will receive a letter telling them that their vehicle appears to be uninsured and warning them that they will be fined unless they take action, with advice on what to do next to avoid a penalty.

Latest estimates are that around 4% (around 1.4 million) of GB motorists drive uninsured.  Around 242,000 offenders are convicted for uninsured driving every year.

David Evans, DVLA’s Corporate Affairs Director, said:

“We know that uninsured drivers are a menace on our roads and add around £30 to honest motorists’ premiums.

“It is vitally important that motorists understand the change and how it will impact on them.  That is why we have added new information today to Direct.gov which offers clear advice to help motorists understand the new rules.”

Neil Drane, MIB’s Head of Motor Insurance Database Services said:

“The change in law is a stepping up of enforcement activity, so that not only those vehicles driven without insurance will be caught.  Now the registered keeper must make sure that their vehicle is insured all the time.  And if it is, then they need not be concerned.  The DVLA and MID will be systematically checked, so that the levels of uninsured driving are reduced even further.”

For more information and guidelines on the new motor insurance law head to:


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