Drivers looking to save money

As many as two out of three motorists are planning to change driving habits because of sky-high fuel and insurance prices, according to a survey conducted by

Nearly half (48.2%) say their next car will be a more fuel-efficient model, while 11.4% plan to buy a new car that is cheaper to insure and 8% plan to ditch their motor and use public transport instead.

Nearly 12% said there were other factors that would influence their choice of vehicle while 8.4% said rising motoring costs would not affect them as they would look to make cutbacks elsewhere.’s Pete Harrison said car insurance prices had increased by 31% in 2010 – or by 44p a day. He said: “With escalating fuel prices hitting motorists hard in the pocket, I’m not surprised most are looking for ways to drive down the cost of getting behind the wheel – especially when the cost of insurance cover is on the rise too.”

The poll was based on responses from 1,750 people.

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