Drivers urged to avoid close shave behind the wheel

Drivers are urged to take greater care at the wheel in 2011

Drivers are urged to take greater care at the wheel in 2011

Shaving, applying make-up and changing clothes while driving are some of the dangerous habits that Surrey residents are being urged to abandon this year.

The unconventional habits were discovered by Surrey County Council and Surrey Police when they launched their Drive SMART road safety campaign in September 2009.

Now the council is appealing to motorists on the county’s roads to make safer driving their New Year’s resolution for 2011.

Other common issues that the Surrey-based campaign is attempting to tackle are texting while behind the wheel, tailgating and drink-driving.

Dr Andrew Povey, Leader of Surrey County Council, said: “Not only does anti-social driving blight communities and affect people’s quality of life, it is also dangerous and can lead to injury or death.

“In the first year of our Drive SMART campaign, 80 fewer people were killed or seriously injured on Surrey’s roads compared to the previous 12 months.

“A new year’s resolution to put an end to bad driving habits would help us further reduce this figure by making our roads safer and more pleasant for everyone.”

Head of Surrey Police Roads Policing Unit, Inspector Chris Colley, said: “We want to encourage people to change their bad driving habits and would urge motorists to think about how their irresponsible behaviour could affect someone else’s life as well as their own and their families’ lives.”

The campaign has so far seen Surrey Police take action 47,000 times on the county’s roads. Forty roadside education and enforcement days were also held in areas where residents are blighted by anti-social driving. There was also a financial boost to road safety equipment, such as vehicle activated signs and radar guns for school and community speed watches.

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