Rinspeed BamBoo (concept)

NAME: Rinspeed BamBoo concept

DEBUT: 2011 Geneva Motor Show

APPEARANCE: The developer itself says the latest model from Swiss car design “visionary” Frank M. Rinderknecht looks like “a grown-up golf cart”, which is the most accurate description of the Rinspeed BamBoo that is likely to be offered. Designed using ‚Äúplain aesthetics”, the creation doesn’t feature any external adornments that do not need to be there, giving it a refreshing, ‘Flintstones-esque’ simplicity with an intriguing ’70s twist.

PREDICTION: There’s a strong hint to the Rinspeed BamBoo’s make-up and purpose in the name. Intended to offer a back-to-nature, beach-buggy feel, the BamBoo’s interior apparently also features a whole host of components made from bamboo fibres. The use of natural materials and an electric drive-train are intended to make the Rinspeed BamBoo as ecologically sound as possible. It’s also likely to have a minimal impact on the environment because few drivers will be brave enough to use one for the commute.

RATING: 5/10

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