Hilton Racing Launches Formula One™ Fan Survey

 Lewis Hamilton as ‘Coolest’ F1™ Driver of 2010

Lewis Hamilton as ‘Coolest’ F1™ Driver of 2010

Hilton Racing, the leader in Formula One™ fan and driver hospitality worldwide, launched today the results of its Formula One™ Fan Survey, which asked thousands of racing fanatics around the world about the action on and off the track this year. After an exhilarating and action-packed season, Hilton Racing’s survey addresses some of the too-often unasked questions in the sport, including “Coolest Driver”, “Rookie of the Year”, “Overtaker of the Year”, “Best New Team”, “Best Dressed”, “Most Like to Have a Drink With”, “WAG of the Year”, and “Best Race of the Year”.

Hilton, the most recognised name in the hospitality industry, has a long term association with F1 thanks to its partnership with team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.  As part of its global marketing campaign, Hilton communicates with thousands of F1 fans through Hilton Racing, which attracts members from across the globe.  When polled, more than one third of Hilton Racing members named Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton the very coolest driver in F1 this year followed closely by team mate Jenson Button.  Sebastian Vettel rounded out the top three with only one tenth of the vote.

“Rookie of the Year” went to Niko Hulkenburg with almost 40 percent of the vote and Kamui Kobayashi was runner up with 29 percent.  Kobayashi also ranks second in the “Overtaker of the Year” category, due to his popular performance in Japan.

Lotus was voted the “Best New Team”, receiving almost half of all votes and standing out as a clear winner in this category. 

Hilton Racing asked its F1 fans for their “Best Dressed” driver and for the driver they would  “Most Like to Have a Drink With”.  The results indicate that in 2010, Jenson Button was the man to buy a drink for, while his team mate Lewis Hamilton is the best dressed of the lot.  “WAG (Wives And Girlfriends) of the Year” was awarded to Lewis’ girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, who stole the votes at 50 percent with no other close contender.

Separate from driver specifics, fans were asked for their “Best Race of the Year”, which was Abu Dhabi trailed by Japan as the least popular. 

Finally, with Korea added to the calendar for this year and India due in 2011, Hilton Racing asked its fans where they’d “Most Like to See a New Race”. London and New York were the top choices where fans would like to visit for an F1 destination.

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