Poll shows drivers against insurance ‘discrimination’

With a verdict on whether women only car insurance premiums breach EU regulations expected before the end on the year, a poll has found that 90 per cent of car buyers feel the gender restrictive policies are unfair.

Online car supermarket Motorpoint surveyed 990 customers and found that nine in ten felt women only premiums offered men a raw deal and should be scrapped.

Statistically, female drivers have fewer road accidents than their make counterparts, resulting in the creation of women only insurance premiums from specialists such as ‘Diamond’ and ‘Sheila’s Wheels’.

However, EU officials are currently debating whether car insurance premiums that use gender as a factor in assessing risk should be allowed.

“Whilst I wouldn’t like to comment on car insurance premiums solely for women, this is a debate that is clearly going to rage for some time to come giving the implications for drivers as a whole in the UK,” said Says David Shelton, Managing Director of Motorpoint.

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