Forgive, forget and just learn from driver error

We all make mistakes and losing our patience with other drivers who do just makes things worse, says motoring editor Andy Russell.

Losing patience with another driver is often a worse than the incident that led to it.

There are very few drivers, if any, who never make mistake behind the wheel. No matter how good a driver you are there is always going to be the human element that can lead to misjudgement from time to time.

Hopefully, they are nothing serious and no harm is done and we learn from them. I still recall my driving instructor’s parting advice to me when I had passed my test at 17 which was that no matter how long or how much you drive you never stop learning.

But what does annoy me is the people who don’t make allowances for other people’s error and their reaction is not only way out of proportion compared to the incident itself but they then proceed to behave in such a way as to cause genuine danger to other road-users.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting some good friends for the weekend who live just off the M3, south ofLondon. It had been a pretty uneventful journey down there and I was even thinking how sensible people were driving given that it was the end of the working week and people were on their way home.

And then it happened.

I was in the nearside lane when a Vauxhall Corsa had missed the exit off a large roundabout – it can be quite difficult work out which exit you are at when there are several – and made a late turn into the outer lane. I do not know whether they indicated but the driver of the Audi TT, who was also taking the same exit obviously had to brake sharpish and proceeded to blast the hooter at the Corsa driver… or maybe it was just a warning that was ignored.

Either way, no one crashed, went off the road or was hurt and the Corsa driver waved in apology.

End of story. Afraid not.

The Audi driver then chased after the Corsa, which had moved into the nearside lane, and pulled level before roaring ahead again, cutting in front of it and turning left at the next roundabout. The message was clear… but which driver was the biggest idiot.

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