Subaru BRZ (Concept)

Subaru BRZ Concept (LA Autoshow 2011)NAME: Subaru BRZ Concept

DEBUT: Los Angles Auto Show (18-27 November 2011)

APPEARANCE: Absolutely fabulous would sum it up nicely. The low stance, muscly rear end and outrageous spoiler all look perfect – it’s just about ugly enough to look like it means business. It doesn’t look like it’d be especially happy dealing with speed bumps, but it’s 100% the mean-looking sports car for the masses that driving enthusiasts have been waiting for… as long as the production car doesn’t change too much.

PREDICTION: It all depends on the first few independent UK reviews. If the final car drives as well as this concept looks, Subaru will sell them in this country by the container ship-full. If it turns out to be a bit of a donkey on the road, the fact that buyers have such high expectations will come back to haunt both Subaru and Toyota, which has a similar model coming soon.

RATING: 10/10

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