Quarter of motorists name their car

Basil Fawlty famously once beat his car when it failed to start but many motorists treat their vehicle a little more kindly, according to a survey.

While TV’s Fawlty (played by John Cleese) whacked his motor with a tree branch, nearly half of drivers describe their cars as “part of the family”, the poll by Confused.com found.

More than a quarter have names for their vehicles, with the most popular being Charlie and Ruby. Around a third have daily “car-versations” with their motors, talking to them about personal problems.

As many as 16% of men see their cars as women, choosing words such as sexy and mischievous to describe their motor’s personality.

Other popular names for cars are Jack, Harry, Noah and Oliver as well as Lily, Pippa, Jessica and Grace. The survey of 2,000 adults also unearthed such car names as Baldrick, Snoop, Elektra and Talulah.

Confused.com car insurance head Gareth Kloet said: “Nearly 20% of motorists who name their cars believe it encourages them to be more careful on the roads. We have nicknames for our friends, partners and even pets so why not our cars?”

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