Peugeot HX1 (Concept)

Peugeot HX1NAME: Peugeot HX1

DEBUT: Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

APPEARANCE: The HX1 is a five-metre long, two-metre wide leviathan, but its low 1.4-metre height makes it look a lot like it’s been run through a trouser press. The low roof line and high shoulders don’t allow much space for glass, but the ‘half-scissor’ doors front and back are very smart. Unfortunately, the ‘MPV architecture’ combined with the strange proportions make the HX1 a difficult car to admire for its looks.

PREDICTION: Thankfully, this is more a showcase for technologies across a wide spectrum, and some of the systems that Peugeot brings into production in the next 10 years might have a seed in the HX1. Bizarrely, Peugeot has also developed a ‘concept shoe’ in conjunction with designer Pierre Hardy. It transforms from a slipper to a high heel, but don’t expect to see it in Debenhams any time soon. It earns an extra point for madness, though.

RATING: 6/10

Peugeot HX1

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