Holidaymakers shunning hire cars

The economic climate is starting to affect holiday car rentals, with many people preferring to drink rather than drive on their break, a new study showed today.

Research among more than 1,000 adults revealed that one in three will not even consider hiring a car on their next trip abroad, with one in 10 just wanting to “flop” and 6% aiming to enjoy sun rather than culture.

The study by price comparison website Kelkoo showed that one in five people hired a car on their last holiday, with twice as many using public transport and 19% opting for organised tours.

More than two-thirds of those questioned said they drank alcohol every day on their last holiday abroad.

Chris Nixon, managing director of Kelkoo Travel, said: “The current economic climate has hit the holiday industry hard and this has had a knock-on effect on car rental.

“With car hire prices dropping for the first time in four years, holidaymakers who are looking closely at their budgets may find that they can pocket some significant savings by choosing this option rather than relying on organised tours or taxis when they next go abroad.

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