Bluebird electric speed record fails after ‘pothole’ strike

Bluebird Electric on Pendine Sands in WalesThe electric land speed record set in 2010 still stands after an attempt to break it at the weekend failed because of damage caused by a pothole.

On Sunday, Bluebird Electric struck a pothole at Pendine Sands at around 100mph during one of its exploratory runs, causing damage that could not be repaired on site before the tide came in. The Welsh beach has been the home of speed for the Campbell family since 1924, when Malcolm Campbell entered the history books there.

His grandson and great-grandson, the father and son team of Don and Joe Wales, have taken up the baton in the new age of electric power and had been striving to make the latest Bluebird car a success.

However, with limited time and extremely limited funding, the team of mainly volunteers has been hard pressed. Despite the damage, Don remains optimistic that Bluebird Electric will return to Pendine for another shot at record breaking. “We’ll take the car back to Pembroke Docks and see what need to be fixed and where we go from here,” he said.

“We’re a small team with a lot of volunteer help and severely struggling with finance. Hopefully we can secure sponsorship to ensure the project still has life in it. But the important thing is that Joe is well.”

Bluebird Electric will be on show at this year’s Ecovelocity Low Carbon Motor Festival from September 8-11 at Battersea Power Station and on Regent Street as part of the RAC Future Car Challenge on Saturday November 5.

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