Audi Urban Concept

Audi Urban ConceptNAME: Audi Urban Concept

DEBUT: None planned

APPEARANCE: Fabulously unusual, with staggered seats, a wrap-around windscreen and rear wheels that poke out way beyond the rear bumper. Not to mention the sliding doors that still leave sills for you to step over, and the huge 21-inch wheels that, with the accompanying low profile tyres, probably wouldn’t be too forgiving over potholes. The diagonal red stripe is pretty cool, though, and the overall effect is great.

PREDICTION: This is Audi’s design concept for an urban car that’s stripped of anything technically unnecessary. Like a proper dashboard, for example. The mish-mash of, according to Audi, ‘racing car, roadster, fun car and urban car’ means it would probably be a niche too far even for them. The lightweight concept is very unlikely to ever see the light of day, but what’s certain is that as the drive for greater efficiency goes on, lightweight materials are going to come into play in a big way.

RATING: 9/10

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