Vehicle vengeance: cheated women plot revenge on partners’ cars

One in 10 women say they would smash up the car of their cheating partner in revenge for an affair, a new survey reveals.

More than a quarter (27%) would consider damaging the paintwork if the car was his most prized possession with 13% vowing to slash the tyres and 9% targeting the windscreen. A further 26% would sell the vehicle on eBay for 50p, according to the Autoglass® poll.

Six out of 10 (59%) say the aim of revenge would be to humiliate their unfaithful boyfriend or husband although 18% would gain satisfaction just from seeing them lose their most treasured belonging.

The approach to Tiger Woods’-style “Vehicle Vengeance” is different depending on the age of the women. Those aged 22-25 would smash the windscreen to get even, 19-21year-olds would damage the paintwork first, while 31-35 year olds are the most likely to sell the car.

Overall, a quarter (24%) would attack the lovecheat himself to settle scores with a further 24% opting for the silent treatment. However, 6% say they would broadcast the infidelity on Facebook or Twitter.

More than half (59%) in the poll of 3,000 men and women said they would launch some form of retaliation if their other half embarked on an affair. Wales was top of the vengeful chart, with as many as seven out of ten (67%) vowing revenge – and almost a third of these would go for the car first – the highest number in the UK.

1. Wales
2. West Midlands
3. East Midlands
4. Yorkshire
5. Scotland
6. N Ireland
7. London
8. North West
9.North East
10. South West

The most placid people and the least likely to take action are those living in East Anglia while the Scottish are the most prepared to physically attack their partner to settle scores.

The Welsh take the top slot when is comes to targeting cash, with 18% of those questioned admitting they would take their partner’s money compared to a UK average of 11 per cent. Other popular ways of hitting back by both sexes include destroying clothes, revealing intimate secrets to parents, putting laxatives in food and going on credit card funded shopping sprees.

Matthew Mycock, managing director of Autoglass®, said: “Clearly, many Britons are prepared to take revenge if their other half is unfaithful – and cars are one of the things which are likely to bear the brunt of their anger.

“Vehicle Vengeance is a very real threat with women saying they are determined to target what is most precious to their partner to get their own back if he cheats. Men who are tempted to stray should think twice – especially if they love their cars!”

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