Garages hold everything but the car

Motorists are moving away from using their garage to park the car, according to a survey.

As many as 55% of car owners prefer to put something else in their garage other than their vehicle, the survey by car auction company Manheim Auctions found.

Around 25% of motorists manage to fit their car and other items inside their garage, but only 21% use garages for the sole purpose of housing their vehicle.

Among the most popular items kept in garages are lawnmowers, bikes, ladders, golf clubs, garden equipment and even guinea pigs.

“Where you park your car may seem like a trivial subject, but keeping it in a garage may pay off in the long run,” said Manheim Auctions marketing director Craig Mailey.

He went on: “If a car is stored in a dry, cool garage every night it’s more likely to have a higher resale value because it’s been protected from the elements and risk of accidental damage.

“Paint weathers, so keeping it inside a garage will help to protect it, and if a car is parked outside there’s always the opportunity for it to be exposed to accidental knocks and scrapes by other drivers or passers-by.

“In the 1970s it was the norm to use the garage to provide essential respite care for fragile cars. The modern car may be more robust but don’t neglect what is, after your home, likely to be your most valuable asset.”

The findings were based on responses from 3,000 people.

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