Renault R-Space (Concept)

Renault R-SpaceNAME: Renault R-Space concept

DEBUT: 2011 Geneva Motor Show

APPEARANCE: The R-Space has a sporty and sculpted shape and Renault have tried their best to make this people carrier sexy. The tapered profile of the side windows emphasises the car’s dynamic profile and there’s a large windscreen and panoramic roof. Among the influences cited by Renault’s exterior design team are “the pent-up energy in tensed muscles” and the colours of breakfast foods such as milk, chocolate and honey.

Inside, the driver enjoys a cockpit-like environment with a section of the seemingly floating dashboard being specifically dedicated to driving functions. The rear cabin has been designed for children and features a motorised cube that can change into a number of shapes — including a booster seat and a table. This innovative interior design makes it an MPV that caters for everyone on board.

PREDICTION: Renault haven’t confirmed yet whether the R-Space will go into production but its design probably hints at Renault’s future cars with a mono-space architecture, a dynamic, flowing silhouette and a versatile interior space.

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