Hyundai Curb (Concept)

2011 Hyundai Curb conceptNAME: Hyundai Curb concept

DEBUT: 2011 Detroit Motor Show

APPEARANCE: The inspiration for the futuristic Curb came from the need to evolve Hyundai’s ‘Fluidic Sculpture’ design language to appeal to younger buyers. It has a sharply raked front windscreen and C-pillars slope away to give a coupe-like profile from the side. Hyundai designers wanted to create a vehicle loaded with technology and features include bucket seats in the front, a touch-screen infotainment system in the centre console and 22-inch five spoke wheels and Michelin tires with a custom saffron colored tread pattern to match the interior. To enter the Curb you drag your finger across a touch pad to open the doors.

PREDICTION: Hyundai has made no secret of its ambitious expansion plans and the stylish Curb is likely to go into production and take on models like the Nissan Juke and the Kia Soul. It might not go into production exactly under its current guise, but the fluid styling and tech-heavy fit-out is sure to influence future Hyundai models.

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