Mini Rocketman (Concept)

Mini Rocketman conceptNAME: Mini Rocketman

DEBUT: 2011 Geneva Motorshow

APPEARANCE: Quirky, cute and utterly believable. The Rocketman is a nod to the classic Mini with which it shares similar dimensions. It also remembers its British heritage with a panoramic glass roof etched with the Union Jack flag. Funky design features include pop-out doors with double-hinge joints, a pull out boot and some unique handle-style tail-lights. With its small, lightweight carbon spaceframe construction and novel 3+1 seating arrangement this Mini caters for the urban lifestyle.

PREDICTION: Fun looks and a low emission three-cylinder engine that is said to make a remarkable 94 miles to the gallon could make this latest Mini very popular. The firm is committed to making sure most of its concept cars go into production – so watch this space.

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