Family time in the car

Family time in the carWith the bank holiday season approaching a campaign has been launched to bring back quality family time in the car.

This comes after a recent poll commissioned by Saab GB revealed that travelling as a family in the car remains the most popular mode of transport. The results showed that parents aren’t taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity to engage with their children.

The survey indicated that more than 40 per cent of parents are planning on taking a long car journey with their family this Easter, but that almost three quarters do not look forward to such journeys. The top irritation was kids moaning about the length of the journey and that they are bored. Other niggles to parents were children fighting and kids asking for treats throughout the whole journey.

Many children are left to entertain themselves in the car with two thirds playing computer games or watching movies to pass the time.

Around 40 per cent of parents said that they wouldn’t consider going on a long car journey with their children without the aid of technology to keep them entertained and 62 per cent agreed that technology makes journeys with children much easier.

“Technology has undoubtedly made keeping our children entertained in the car a lot easier, however it seems a genuine shame that we are not making more of this time together”, said Charles Toosey Managing Director at Saab GB.

“Families lead such hectic lives these days that travelling in the car is one occasion when we can really spend quality time with each other. We want to set the challenge to parents this Easter to ditch digital and rediscover the more traditional forms of entertainment when travelling as a family,” he added.

The research highlighted that 40 per cent of parents would like to spend more time interacting with their children in the car, with the average parent currently spending only one third of their time in the car talking to or playing games with their children.

This stands in stark contrast to their memories of childhood car journeys with respondents indicating that almost 50 per cent of this time was spent playing car games with their parents and two thirds rating ‘I Spy’ as their favourite and most regularly played game.

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