Saab PhoeniX (concept)

Saab PhoeniX concept 2011NAME: Saab PhoeniX

DEBUT: 2011 Geneva Motorshow

APPEARANCE: Totally space age. With a futuristic, slippery, liquid metal form and an imposing shape the Saab PhoeniX looks like it has been inspired by ‘Alien’ the Ridley Scott movie. According to Saab though, the concept has not been taken over by aliens but influenced by the company’s aviation roots. The PhoeniX embraces a dramatic jet canopy-inspired glasshouse and the roof mounted winglets channel air from the side of the car to reduce lift without causing additional drag.

PREDICTION: This concept has been a bit of fun for Saab and they’ve not held back with this design. Saab have no plans to put this concept into production but it is refreshing to see a car manufacturer being so bold with their designs. Perhaps this is the shape of things to come from Saab.

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