Parents ‘pass down road rage habit’

Parents are passing on road rage habits to their learner-driver children, according to an AA poll.

Some mothers and fathers also set offspring a bad example by drinking, using phones and even falling asleep when supervising learners, the survey showed.

The most common of the bad habits passed on is not using mirrors properly followed by speeding, not checking for blind spots and poor hands-on-the-wheel technique when turning.

As well as getting angry with other drivers, other faults include braking hard or too late and driving too close to the vehicle in front.

The bad habits were reported to the AA Driving School whose director Simon Douglas said: “Learners who combine formal lessons from an instructor with practice with family or friends boost their chances of passing their test and are likely to be safer drivers.”

He went on: “But dangerous habits are easily passed on, and it is alarming to see evidence that road rage is being passed on to another generation of drivers. Parents should try to set a good example with their own driving and remember to let the experts do the teaching, while they focus on helping their children gain experience.”

These are the top 10 bad habits passed on by parents to learner drivers:

1. Not using mirrors properly
2. Speeding
3. Not checking blind spots
4. Not handling the wheel properly when turning
5. Braking too hard or late
6. Driving too close to the vehicle in front
7. Letting the wheel slip through the hands
8. Having only one hand on the wheel
9. Criticising or getting angry at other drivers
10. Coasting in neutral

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