Italdesign Volkswagen Tex (concept)

Italdesign Volkswagen TexNAME: Italdesign Volkswagen Tex  

DEBUT: Geneva Motor show 2011

APPEARANCE: At first glance this low-slung, compact, concept with its angular front and wraparound headlights looks a lot like Honda’s Civic Type R. That’s not to say that the Tex doesn’t have some unique styling of its own though. Sharp lines run the length of the car sculpting the doors while leading your eye all the way to the rear. Its sporty look is further enhanced by its low height (1355 mm), big wheel arches, 19″ wheels and flashy red side line.

PREDICTION: The Italian Design firm calls the Tex “an inspiration of tomorrow’s sporty Volkswagen”. If it goes into production it is likely to be popular with those car buyers who want a car that showcases modern hybrid technology without looking boring.

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