Back with a Bang Bang

Children’s author Frank Cottrell Boyce is writing a new series of books featuring the flying car Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The first book of three will be published in November but the writer admitted he had “no idea” why the family of the original author, James Bond creator Ian Fleming, had asked him to do it.
It will bring the tale into the modern world and tell the story of a family who get more than they bargained for after they soup up their VW camper van with an old racing car engine.

Cottrell Boyce said: “I have no idea what made the Flemings think of asking me to write the sequel. I haven’t asked them in case it’s all a case of mistaken identity. I went back to the book for the first time since I was a boy and was delighted to discover that, first of all, it’s really good and, secondly, it’s crying out for a sequel.

“I’ve had a lot of fun writing these books, but somewhere amongst all the fun I found it strangely emotional to revisit myself as a boy and ask if he could help me restore an old-fashioned contraption and make it fly again.”

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