Extra Terrestrial Vehicle (Concept)

Extra Terrestrial Vehicle

Extra Terrestrial Vehicle

NAME: Extra Terrestrial Vehicle

DEBUT: MPH Show, London, November 2010

APPEARANCE: Fans of the acclaimed pseudo-documentary sci-fi movie ‘District 9’ may agree that the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle (ETV) would be ideally suited as the car of choice for the film’s much maligned, cat food addicted aliens. The out of this world exterior design is the work of Florida’s Mike Vetter and his company, ‘The Car Factory’, and lives up to the car’s ambitious title with outrageous and slightly sinister pod-like styling.

PREDICTION: Only four ETVs have been built – the creators apparently spend the majority of their time crafting Carrera GT body kits for Porsche Boxsters – and, despite the out-of-this-world exterior styling, the ETV is actually built on what we in the UK call the Chevrolet Aveo. Although this would leave District 9’s lanky aliens a little short on legroom, it would mean half-decent economy. Unfortunately, it’s far too ugly for everyday use – so don’t expect to see on outside of the MPH Show or London Motor Museum.

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