Wrong car removal blunder

A lady has lost all her possessions after her flatmate loaded everything she owns into the wrong car which then drove off.

Faye Pounder, 25, was moving house when her flatmate Paul Robbins offered to carry her bags downstairs and load them into her white Citroen Xsara Picasso.

But he mistakenly opened the boot of an identical silver-coloured Xsara Picasso, which was parked outside their flat in Bristol, and left unlocked by its owner.

He helpfully loaded all of her belongings into the car – more than £3,000 worth of clothes, shoes, documents, camera equipment and personal possessions.

When Miss Pounder emerged from the rented property she was shocked to find her car – borrowed from a relative – was sitting empty, while the silver Citroen had disappeared.

The pub chef is now appealing to the owner of the other car to come forward and reunite her with her possessions.

Miss Pounder told BBC Five Live she realised almost immediately what her flatmate had done.

“It was pretty much straight away,” she said.

“I first thought that somebody had stolen the car but when I got downstairs I realised it was someone else’s car and not ours.”

Miss Pounder said the car owner may not have realised he or she have all her belongings.

“That’s what I’m thinking, I bet they don’t even know that it’s in there yet,” she said.

“I’ve spoken to the police on several occasions and no one has handed anything back in.”

Mr Robbins said even with seeing what he described as an “old lady’s shopping bag” in the boot, the penny did not drop.

“I tried to speed up the moving process by helping move her stuff out. I thought I put them in the right car but I got outside and stupidly loaded them into the wrong boot,” he said.

“The car had an old lady’s shopping bag in the boot. I just thought it belonged to Faye’s relative.”

Miss Pounder was packing up and leaving the flat in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol on Monday to move to Cornwall with her fiance Ali Walker, 31, to be closer to her family.

They couple were forced to drive to Cornwall on Tuesday without her possessions.

Despite Mr Robbins’ mistake, she is determined to remain friends.

“Of course he’s still my mate and all I can say is ‘only you Paul’,” she said.

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