One fifth of British motorists flee parked car collisions without leaving details

Nearly a fifth of motorists who hit a parked vehicle fled the scene of the accident without leaving their details, new data suggests.

Not only are the guilty drivers breaking the law, but they are also leaving a £169m repair bill for the luckless owners of the parked car.

The research by leading accident management company, Accident Exchange, shows that crashes involving parked vehicles account for an estimated 700,000 incidents every year.

In more than half of cases (56pc), the third party either found or contacted the owner directly. A further 20pct left a note on the windscreen with their details.

However, of the accidents analysed where the owner of the parked vehicle was not in attendance, the guilty motorist drove off in 18.5pc of cases.

“Parked car prangs cost the insurance industry more than £1.2bn annually in repairs,” says Lee Woodley, of Accident Exchange. “It’s therefore appalling to think that £169m of that figure has to be picked up by the innocent motorists’ own insurance policy.”

The police are involved in tracking down nearly 5pc of incidents where the driver fled the scene.

The data analysed by Accident Exchange, based on 50,000 claims, also noted a further 80pc of accidents involving parked vehicles occur in the street and 20pc in car parks.

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