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Skoda ‘Man-Pram’ pushes baby buggy boundaries

With babies very much in the news at the moment, it is fitting that Skoda should unveil the ultimate baby buggy, dubbed the ‘vRS Mega Man-Pram’ – a high-performance vehicle that has been designed to provide the ultimate baby transport … Continue reading

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‘It had a three-speed column change and floor dipswitch.’

1966 Bedford minibus Is this the world’s most polite parking ticket? Left on the windscreen outside Vienna Cathedral. George Thorburn took most of the seats taken out of his 1966 Bedford minibus to keep insurance costs down on what was … Continue reading

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Car finance – know your options.

Simon Grey – Director of CREDO finance, talks to drive24 about car financing options. When we ask dealers “how much finance do you sell to your customers”? They generally reply with a figure of some 20-50% of all cars sold … Continue reading

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Low profile convertible not great for Welsh mountains

Andy Thurlow’s first car was not a sensible choice. “When I worked at BT headquarters in Martlesham, near Ipswich, many moons ago I met someone who was selling a limited edition convertible Karmann Golf GTI and I fell in love … Continue reading

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Very racy and a young man’s dream

Edgar Wagstaff shares his memories of his first car, 1928 Austin 7 Special. “With oversize wheels at the back and normal ones on the front, it dipped forward in a ‘get up and go style’ which belied its performance of a … Continue reading

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Isle of Man-ners makes driving a pleasure

Call me old-fashioned but when someone does you a favour you say ‘thank you’. Unfortunately, all too often good manners seem to go out of the car window when we get behind the wheel. In the cut and thrust of … Continue reading

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Drive24 is now on Facebook and Google+

We’re happy to announce that drive24 has just launched a new Facebook page and Google+ account for car lovers. Follow our car and motor market news and advice, enter competitions and join in the conversation with your own tips, stories … Continue reading

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